Leo february tarot

Men will have interesting experiences with their daughter, granddaughter, niece or other young woman. Women will be fully committed to an important professional engagement or business.

LEO February 2019 TAROT reading! *YOU MUST let go to move forward!*

They will have sufficient ambition, energy and resources to succeed in their careers. Leo Weekly Horoscope 4 - 10 November, If you were born under the sign of Leo, this week you will be pleased to spend your free time with a woman who is an interesting personality, with a lot of knowledge and experience in different areas of life.



It could also be a new friendship that is about to develop. This week you will become aware of the meaning of some of your omissions from your recent past. Thanks to them, you will now be able to realize the importance of your new life goals. This week will be interesting in terms of the development of various planned and unplanned events.

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Some will require you to make a decision or make some changes. The week will be important for your career or your own business if you have one.

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Greater concentration and mobilization will help you succeed even in things that you have experienced uncertainty or fear about. Too many emotions during the week can be a cause for frequent conditions of fatigue or insomnia. Do not neglect the need for sufficient time for rest and healthy eating.

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This week you will celebrate an important holiday in the life of a loved one, such as gathering in a home setting, making a phone call, sending a greeting card or a gift, and more. Leo women will be surprised by the lies or actions of a person for whom they had a much better opinion and respect.

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The hours between 1 and 5 o'clock on one of the days mentioned above can provide even greater opportunities for luck. A Leo's luckiest days and times are between the hours of 1 and 5 o'clock on a Sunday that falls on the 1st, 5th or the 15th of January or May. These monthly calendars can tell a Leo which days favor what. The show periods of opportunity and well as days when extra caution should be taken.

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A Leo can print the calendar, add the lucky dates mentioned above, and keep it handy for planning. Affinity Numerology has a lucky days tool where Leo can enter their birth date to determine which days will be the most fortunate for them.

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  7. In numerology, your Life Path number is determined by using your full date of birth and then reducing the digits down to a single number. Dates containing that number are said to be your lucky days. Token Rock has a tool that will allow you to easily calculate your Life Path number.

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    The universal number changes daily. You can find the universal number that influences each day, month, or year at Affinity Numerology. When the Universal number of a day, month, or year matches your Life Path number, these are said to your luckiest days, months, or years. You can keep your own lucky days calendar.

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    Then mark each lucky day mentioned above with a gold star, and when you find more than one gold star on a day, that's the day to test your luck. But remember, sometimes no matter how many lucky stars fall on a day, it can end up being nothing more than an ordinary day. Still, there are times when an uneventful day can be the luckiest day of all.