Leo weekly horoscope for february 17 2020

With love planet Venus in your opposite sign, Capricorn, you can turn on the charm and be recognized as a hard worker. You believe in strength through independence, but you will have to walk it how you talk it midweek, when action planet Mars meets rebellious Uranus, compelling you to take a stand and put your ideas in motion. If you can avoid looking at your emails this weekend, try to give yourself a break, because someone is going to contact you about some work.

A once-in-a-lifetime change happens midweek, when action planet Mars meets rebellious Uranus a rare connection on Wednesday, in your house of transformation. This shift will be triggered by another person, as they inspire you take the initiative to be independent.

Trust in your intuition about the future. You turn your attention to your studies on Thursday when Mars enters Taurus, where it will remain until March 31, shifting your gears from committing to others to committing to expanding your horizons via studying art or music.

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This week is romantically exciting if not upsetting. As action planet Mars meets Uranus, the planet of surprises, on Wednesday, there will be an urge to try new things in your relationships midweek, with an emphasis on independence or interdependence. Your partner or friend, or frenemy will inspire you to think about how your relationship will hold up in the future, and whether you need to think of new ways to make it exciting. Regardless of whatever rocks your world this week, good or bad, you will have your planetary ruler Venus in Capricorn holding you down and giving you boss level strength on the home front.

This weekend, find inspiration about your workflow: Upgrade your routines as Venus connects with dreamy Neptune very early Sunday morning. Your routine gets a facelift this week, as your planetary ruler, action planet Mars, meets up with radical Uranus in your house of work and ritual on Wednesday. You will come up with new, brilliant ways to handle your business.

Uranus is inventive, providing you inspiration for independent projects and entrepreneurial pursuits. Surprises at work inspire you to think on your toes and come up with futuristic solutions. On Thursday, Mars enters your opposite sign Taurus, where it will remain until March 31, putting you on the other end of the chase as romantic partners passively pursue you. This weekend is romantic, as sweet Venus gently connecting with dreamy Neptune—you will enjoy having company Saturday night through Sunday morning. You have some major creative power this week, Sag.

Sunday 3 February: Mercury conjunct Neptune. This potentially could create confusing conditions or outright deception. Read the fine print, if it is not too fine to read, and do not sign contracts or give confidential information to those who may use it against you.

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For those who are finely tuned or psychic they will have various inspirations or hunches that could be useful in some way, but be wise and double check your information, regardless of where it comes from. Musicians and artists could have a productive day if they allow themselves the luxury of letting their imagination flow without obstruction.

Thursday 7 February: Sun conjunct Mercury. This aspect makes some people get really focussed mentally while others just get flustered or frazzled by too much grey matter being stimulated. For those who like a fast pace in their daily routine they will sail ahead smoothly and swiftly.

The others will have to do it again probably, and then they will get it right.

This is called a combust situation, where a planet is so close to the Sun and the Sun can literally burn up the other planet. This can cause a congestion of information on telephone lines, faxes, e-mails and even face to face communications, where one person is just not hearing the other or cannot seem to reach an agreement or get their heads together on the same issue. Postpone any really important negotiations until a better day.

Some people will enjoy a day like this and they will not be agitated by the influx of interruptions or extra communications because they will literally thrive on it. At least they will not have a boring day. The rest of us will be somewhat confused and exhausted by the end of the day and be seeking some quiet time away from the demands of this modern world. Also today: Venus sextile Uranus.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Those who dare to be innovative will capture the attention of their audience in a startling and exciting way during this time. Love relationships started today will be different in as many ways as there are stars in the sky. People involved in the arts, musical, beauty or related fields will be very productive and become more creative and inventive than usual. Those who wish to shock the conservative ones will be pleasantly surprised at how well they are actually accepted. The more unique your product or talent that you wish to show or sell will prove highly prosperous.

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A good day to get married, go on a first date, buy new clothes or throw a party or become involved in any form of entertainment. Monday 11 February: Sun conjunct Neptune. This can be one of those days that will seem magical to those who are open and attuned to the cosmic vibrations around them. A positively inspiring day and one that will be long remembered as a day that brings the beautiful side of nature and life to our attention and the recognition that there are great wonders all around us, each and every day, if we just open our eyes and senses.

Spend some time relaxing near the ocean and it will soothe your tired or restless soul. Music will be inspirational and those who are gifted in this area may create some magical lyrics or tunes. Opening a store selling musical or artistic products should fare well. However also be aware that the downside of these energies can bring confusion, deceit, masquerades, and people out to get what they can by whatever underhanded tactics are required. Friday 15 February: Sun trine Mars. This is fortunate for those wishing to push their own barrows and get out there to achieve some recognition or fame for their talents.

Also a good day to buy a car or other electrical or electronic gadgets or machinery. Any business started that incorporates any of these items would be started under promising star patterns. A gym opened today will attract a large following as would an automotive repair shop or other mechanical enterprise. Someone in the sporting or athletic industry may be seen to achieve a new record or be in the news celebrating their victory.

Wednesday 20 February: Sun sextile Pluto. This can prove to be a great time to try to remake yourself or change your spots, if you need to. A day to spring clean, get rid of the old and outworn and be refreshed by the newness of starting out on a new path.

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