Sagittariuss y sagittarius son compatibles

These two are good for each other as the Sagittarius mother motivates her child while the child is proud of the mother. The Virgo child is afraid of life but his or her mother shows him or her that life is given to live and enjoy. Both these two are optimistic, and hence they fascinate each other and build each other intellectually.

Are Sagittarius & Sagittarius a good match?

The Sagittarius mother spends a lot of time outside her home which makes the little Scorpio sad because he always wants to see her at home. These two are close and love sharing everything that happens in their daily lives. This aspect draws them closer all the time. The Sagittarius mother enables her child to look at the world as fun and not as boring as he or she thinks.

Any child would be lucky to have a Sagittarius woman as a mother. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Sagittarius As A Mother Personality Traits

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Here's what you'll need to know about being this one's mama! They're Travelers Sagittarius children love to be on the move. Imagination Rules Their World The Sagittarius child is blessed with an awesome imagination, capable of dreaming up amusing stories and prone to daydreams. They're Funny From birth, these babies love to laugh and make others crack up. You Might Like. If he finds his only right way, he will not turn him off again, he just needs help at the very beginning.

The child-Sagittarius is easy to talk with his mother, because she has such a wide range of interests!


In general, they relate to each other as equals rather than as mothers and children. Sagittarius mom calmly looks at the fact that her child from time to time is at a reasonable risk.

Sagittarius Parenting Compatibility: Playful and Wise

She knows that it is in his nature - just like in her. She is not against his travels, because she herself adores them. She will listen with interest to him in any dispute, respecting his point of view. She will show interest in all his hobbies and pursuits, supplementing his knowledge and at the same time learning from his child. Well, is not it wonderful?

Sagittarius senior in the shower is still a boy and will be happy to chase the ball or play with his child. Although he wants a little Sagittarius to learn to use every minute, he does not seem too practical when it comes to the serious aspects of life. Sagittarius dad is straightforward, optimistic and fully shares the enthusiasm and vitality of his child.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

In a word, they stand together when they play out their mother together, laugh together and generally have a great time. But Sagittarius Sr.