Taurus y taurus compatibles en el amor

With all the similarities in personality traits, both good and bad, they can have a perfect match. As for the partnership, the Taurus and Taurus business partnership is not likely to be a workable proposition.

Taurus Man is a perfect match for most zodiac signs...

These two are completely unalike in temperament. Gemini is a charming individual but much to caught up in a hectic social life to worry over much about domestic affairs. But they may find each other intriguing for that very reason-for a little while. Gemini is attracted to Taurus's passions, but in time Taurus's instinct for security and stability will be offended by volatile Gemini. As for the partnership, it is possible that these two could form a successful business partnership provided the stars are well aspected for them.

They have a lot going for them. Both are home-lovers and sentimentalists. Taurus is ambitious for money and security, and Cancer has exactly those same goals. If the two are willing to give rather than get, this relationship can be a very good one. As for the partnership between this two people, they could possibly come up with a good idea for some new thing that might even go over big as Cancer is the emotional water sign in the design group and Taurus is the earth sign in the mechanical group so one could design it while the other worked out the mechanics in order to have it manufactured.

On the other hand it often happens that leo demands constant praise and adulation, and is forever competing with Taurus.


As a result, Taurus digs in its heels and gets more sullen with each passing day. Taurus needs appreciation and Leo needs worship, but neither will get what it needs from the other. In addition, Leo is extravagant and Taurus parsimonious.

Sexually, these two are well matched, but Leo thinks life is a circus and tries to perform in all three rings at once. Taurus finds that hard to take, or even to watch. In general, To achieve even a modicum of peace and harmony they must strive to keep their sexual activities alive and well. As for business partnerships between these two signs, than this is not a recommended match for a business partnership as the Leo, fire sign in the inspirational ideas group, would be forever warring with, and putting down the good ideas that Taurus,of the mechanically minded practical group comes up with.

But Taurus should avoid the attrwedeness of the Virgoan if a love at first sight is to be avoided. Taurus's tenacity and Virgo's sharp mind are a good combination for success as a team. And Taurus keeps a careful eye on expenditures, which pleases thrifty Virgo.

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Although they lack what might be called a spontaneous approach to life, neither puts a high value on that. There are some interesting features about their sxual life. Taurus has a way of breaking down the inhibitions of Virgo and bringing out, sexually, the baser instincts. It will take a lot of patience. If there are no bad aspects in the charts against these two then you will surely be happy together. As for business partnerships between the representatives of these two signs than is a partnership that it can work out to each ones benefit.

They both share the same moral and ethical out look on business and one, Virgo, is ruled by Mercury and will forever be logically analyzing the business to be sure it is prospering. Steady Taurus balances Libra's indecisiveness.


Libra usually tolerates The jealous outbursts of Taurus. On the other hand, money may be a problem, for Libra doesn't share Taurus's reverential attitude toward posessions, but both tend to be acquisitive and like to collect beautiful things. In time, Libra's fickleness and casual air toward love can drive Taurus wild; and Libra will certainly resent Taurus's possessiveness.

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Their sexual attraction is likely to be so strong that they can escape some of the personality problems in bed, but sooner or later they reach the conclusion that they must live with the world and this will slowly undermine their sexual relationship. This is not recommended match. Both are determined and ambitious, and neither is much of a rover. However, there are two strong wills at work here.

Taurus's passionate sexual nature meets more than its match in Scorpio-in fact, their sexual life will be erratic at best, but, though both have active sexual appetites the times when their desires coincide could be far too few to be satisfying in a long term relationship. As for business partnerships between the representatives of these two signs than this duo can make a very good business partnership as the emotional sign Scorpio is a good designer and planner while Taurus, of the earth sign in the practical, or mechanical group will be just the 'mechanic' to keep it running.

Taureans hate change in relationships, while Sagittarius will find it hard to sustain a level of affection for any length of time. Responder Cancelar respuesta. Y es que el sentimiento del amor, constituye una parte fundamental en la vida y la felicidad de los individuos.


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