Pisces daily horoscope february 18

Today promises the beginning of a romantic affair as you take someone special on a date.

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You should behave politely and courageously to impress him or her. Just be yourself and do not try to fool the other person as revealing your real self later could jeopardize the relationship. It would do a lot of good to you both if you remain honest and open-minded right from the start. You will make your mark quite effortlessly at this time. Luck seems to be with you now!


Make hay while the sun shines. Today you will be relieved to see that some unexpected gains will make up for some recent losses you suffered. This will most probably be the unexpected profit from a past investment.


Be conservative with your expenditures today. Today you may find yourself feeling a bit sluggish.

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This is a temporary phase, but it is still important for you to fight this tendency to laze around the house. Make sure you at least get out for a brisk walk. Establishing this as a daily routine for yourself would be the best option for you. Convince yourself that what you need is exercise and you will be in the gym sooner than you think. You may find yourself lacking in confidence and feeling generally unhealthy. There will be a tendency towards lethargy which may manifest as apathy.

Low energy can be a theme. You must avoid tying yourself to options, responsibilities or answers, just let yourself float and be and trust that things will develop and come in their own time. When you are feeling better, you can then take action, but now is not that time. You may accrue an unexpected source of money which will be very welcomed and appreciated and you will be very respected in wider society. You will achieve what you set out to, just give it time.

The spiritual world always calls to water signs and Pisces natives are possibly the most spiritual of all. This is such a healing and nourishing realm for you and should be visited often. Your attitude towards the end of the week is calm and composed. Surrender to life and see what it brings.

This week, your romantic life is likely to take some twists and turns. Quite a few of you may miss the company of your partner. Do not get disappointed because it will be a blessing in disguise as it enables you to realise how dearly you love each other.

Welcome to Pisces season!

Those of you who may have had a lovers spat must decide to kiss and make up; staying cross with each other will not help your relationship for sure. This week you need to work at maintaining order at your workplace. You may lose your patience quickly and get frustrated when a project is left unfinished. Deadlines, contracts and initiatives may not be on time.

Your career prospects will be much better after the end of this week. You will finally get a deal you had long had your eyes on. Make your best efforts to motivate your team to work harder. If you have been planning to take out a loan to improve your financial position this is the right time to do so.

The investments that you make this week may involve some risks but the gains that you get from them will be worth it. This week you will have to work doubly hard to see any results. You will benefit from an extra source of income that will open up for you quite unexpectedly but be sure to use this money wisely. This week you need to control your temper to avoid mental tension. Blood pressure problems are indicated. The stars advice you to remain calm and avoid getting involved in arguments to remain in good health.

Headaches due to emotional stress are a possibility this week. Meditation will have a therapeutic effect on you.

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When you lack confidence, your natural inclination is to hide away preferably in a fantasy world. One that is soft and safe and warm, and who could argue with the temptation to do so? Reality can be cold, hard and difficult. It is where we have to act to make a difference. In fantasies, things materialise before us in a dreamy unreal way. Whilst you are floundering, do not make any life-altering decisions. This is a time for feeling things through and allowing them to germinate.

This month is likely to bring luck and profit and also intensifies your relationships in wonderful ways. Romantically, you are on top of the world. On the 7th, Mercury moves into Libra you will find that you are appreciated and valued in society. This might be for your beauty, elegance, artistry or any other reason, but most likely for the way you engage with the world.

On the 21st, Venus moves into Sagittarius which helps you to acknowledge areas where your life is unbalanced so that you can create better synergy. With Mars moving into Libra on the 10th you are popular among friends and family and will live like a King or Queen. You are appreciated and successful — your performance is high.

Importantly, your attitude and composure are unflappable. You can have those confronting conversations without batting an eyelid! This month, you will tend to be more than usually emotional and sensitive to the opinions of your partner.

Some of you may be drawn to a colleague at work. You can certainly give this attraction some time and see where it goes. Engaged people will have lots of opportunities to spend quality time with your partner. This time will be excellent for those of you who are single as you are very much likely to fall in love.



Though this may not turn out to be serious in the long run, it will nevertheless bring you lots of happiness. Married couples will see your relationship improve and will make some conscious efforts to get closer to your spouse. The conversations you engage in now can be inspiring and possibly quite enlightening. Unresolved emotional matters and unacknowledged feelings emerge around the Full Moon on the 12th. You can experience a strong hunger to be understood, to have your say, and to express your ideas or point of view. Inner discontent is possible if you want to branch out but find it difficult to get where you want to go, possibly due to disorganization in your daily life or upset schedules.

If you need a push to make a change, and you're confident it's coming from the heart and not from pride or a whim, then this can be a time to break free. Fortunately, you're likely to find an anchor in a friendship, group association, or cherished dream or cause.


Pacing yourself is important in the first three weeks of November! Connecting and cooperating with others is the key to reward and success now. Making plans and setting goals is exciting now! Business connections can be helpful.