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The main moves from the planets will be conjunctions and trines, and that means some good news and good vibrations for you! Enjoy the lull and the lovely little glow as you begin to think about saying farewell to this amazing Summer, and hello to the bright new blessings ahead. Have questions? Get a Free Tarot reading. Sun : Leo — Take the lead on nurturing love at home, and success follows everywhere else.

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Moon : Aries — That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed. Moon : Taurus — The slow and steady race is the path to abundance. Sun : Virgo — Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive. Moon : Gemini — Choices and karma go hand in hand. Moon : Cancer — Nurturing others nurtures your soul. As a Scorpio, Christine Beswick is a natural empath, using her watery emotional side to bring you the astrology answers you need to find abundance.

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Donald Trump will have cash flow problems in his personal businesses as well during this time. These will be dangerous times after June , when President Trump will find it difficult to complete his first Term. Things will get worse in , and the voters will penalize the Republican party in Presidential Election. President Trump will either face impeachment or resign between June and April This is the most important prediction. Let us see how this challenging time from June to March will play out for President Trump.

I will post another major update in April , and talk about the remaining 9 months of the First Term, and the Presidential Election. Let us hope President Donald Trump works for all Americans, rather than just his base as we move forward into his first Presidential Term. This is a correction to my Trump astrology predictions. I also posted an update on July 25, in this connection. Join Monthly Newsletter Name:.

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Oops, there was an error sending your message. Please try again later. Thanks to all my regular astrology readers for all your support. Again this is completely optional, as my astrology article and updates are made available to you for free.

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Thanks again for all your support. Please like us on facebook. Republicans are still supporting Donald Trump, and are not standing up to Donald Trump. But you will see many Republicans will finally put the country above their political party and break with Donald Trump after Jupiter moves into Moola nakshatra in Sagittarius sign on November 4th.

October 4, Democrats must impeach Donald Trump before March, , only then they have a chance to win the Presidential Election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is doing the right thing by moving forward with Trump Impeachment on a fast track, in weeks, not months. Donald Trump is the master manipulator of news media. House Democrats and media need to keep the news cycle focused on Trump Impeachment until Trump is impeached, only then the public opinion will shift in favor of impeachment, and the Trump Impeachment will be successful.

House Democrats must impeach Trump now or they will be in trouble in Presidential Election. Please help. Jupiter will help Donald Trump delay the release of his taxes, delay the subpoenas issued by Congress, delay the whistleblower report etc. Once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius sign and collides with Ketu, Donald Trump will be in lot of trouble between November 4, and April 1, , when the Trump Impeachment will finally go to House floor. Remember I said in my astrology article Trump will face impeachment between June and April 1, The time between now and April 1, is very difficult and challenging time for Trump.

Jupiter is still in Scorpio sign aspecting his natal Sun and natal Rahu in Taurus sign and transiting his natal Moon and natal Ketu in Scorpio sign. Jupiter's benefic aspect for Trump will be over once Jupiter moves into Sagittarius sign on November 4, and collides with Ketu. In my opinion the Trump impeachment will go to House floor between November 4, and April 1, Trump will get impeached in the House for sure. I think House Democrats are lining up their ducks in row, before they are ready to impeach Trump, either in November or March Please read the second paragraph of my Trump First term astrology article.

This is what I mentioned more than 2 years ago.

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The short honeymoon period for Donald Trump is finally getting over, as House Democrats are coming back after August recess, ready to investigate Trump. House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler is expected to schedule a vote on Wednesday to authorize ground rules for launching impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump.

The Trump impeachment astrology prediction given by me more than 2 years ago is right on target. I had predicted health problems for Donald Trump at the end of in my astrology article published more than 2 years ago. I am copying the following line from my Trump astrology predictions. I know some astrology readers are very anxious, but number of astrology predictions given more than 2 years ago on January 20, are coming correct by April 1, I will publish Presidential Election Astrology predictions on April 1, Let us wait and see if my remaining astrology predictions given more than 2 years come correct or not.

My astrology predictions were right on target on mid-term election, the completion of Mueller Report in March, the Mueller testimony and beginning of Impeachment Inquiry in July this year. Mueller Report astrology prediction was given in the summer of , please check the astrology updates. I have calculated the correct birth time for Jeffrey Epstein using KP Astrology birth time rectification techniques. The correct birth time in my opinion is 9. I use the concept of ruling planets in KP Astrology to pinpoint the birth time.

But it has be random. I am confident about Jeffrey Epstein's birth time. Dow tumbles points after bond market flashes a recession warning. The recession astrology prediction given by me more than 2 years ago, is now coming correct. We will be in full blown recession by April You cannot solve problems of debt with more debt. My Donald Trump Impeachment astrology prediction given more than 2 years ago on January 20, , is finally coming true. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler said publicly for the first time on Thursday that his panel is conducting an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump, adding that the committee will decide by the end of the year whether to refer articles of impeachment to the House floor.

According to my July 24, astrology update, the articles of impeachment will be referred to the House floor either in the month of November this year or March We learnt the following from the Robert Mueller public testimony today:. Robert Mueller confirming that his report did not exonerate Donald Trump. Robert Mueller confirming that Donald Trump can be criminally indicted as soon as he is out of office. Robert Mueller confirming that Trump did in fact commit obstruction of justice.

Robert Mueller confirming that his investigation is not a witch hunt. Robert Mueller confirming that the Russian interference in the election is not a hoax. The period from August 3 to end of August this year is slightly better period for Trump, as Congress will be in recess during this period. The time will become even more difficult after transit Jupiter leaves Scorpio sign and collides with Ketu in Sagittarius sign after November 4, In my main astrology article, I had predicted more than 2 years ago that Donald Trump will face impeachment between June and April 1, In my opinion Donald Trump will most likely face impeachment either in November or March , if I try to pinpoint the time of impeachment.

The Lunar eclipse is at 0 degree in Capricorn sign today, as the backlash continues on Capital Hill after Donald Trump posted a series of racist tweets about four progressive Democratic congresswoman who are all women of color. I had indicated in my past Trump astrology updates that the eclipses in July are not good for Donald Trump. The Epstein case can become a problem for Donald Trump as this case is unfolding during eclipses this month. The Robert Mueller public testimony is right after the Lunar Eclipse next week.

Some thoughts on Earthquakes, War, and Recession. This will be the time when we are prone to Earthquakes, or some threat of war and recession etc.

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All my astrology predictions so far have been on target, except the recession astrology prediction, which is slightly off. The job numbers for the month of June have been excellent, and the economy is doing fine so far. But we are very close to the start of the next recession. You will see the dates and my comments below:. Many times, the Congressmen do not ask the right questions in the public testimony. It sounds more like a speech rather than a question. So, this is very important they ask the right questions in the Robert Mueller public testimony, since the time is going to be very limited, just 5 minutes for each Congressmen.

I will be interested in the following three questions:.