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She was boardroom bitch gone fertility goddess, a sex kitten with spine: Not for Madonna the flimsier side of lingerie. She remains his most famous client, and she, he has said, his best collaboration. She made the whole world dance. For those of us who think we know the real Madonna, she will always be a modern dancer. Not a singer who dances, but a dancer who sings. She hoped to join Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and even earned a partial scholarship to its school, where she was told that she needed to study the Martha Graham technique. Madonna always has been an exceptional dancer herself, blessed with a highly coordinated body and natural rhythm that allow her to get inside any groove.

Her gift to us has a ring of the eternal: She gave us back our bodies.

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They might hold it against me 10 years from now. But a lot of the world had never seen this brand-new pop star and one of only a few women sing live. In her way, she rocked us, too. Even movie stars need a moment when the camera stops. Not Madonna. She was a global superstar, at the height of her powers and in the thick of her Blond Ambition tour, starring in a documentary film she herself was executive producing.

It takes a lot to relegate Warren Beatty to the background, but she did it. She struts. She frets. She gives glimpses of the life that led her here. The world mocked her for it — there were parodies, and reviewers who sniped — but she peeled back the curtain, jumping from glossy, color concert footage to grainy, backstage black-and-white.

She put up the money and then put her money where her mouth was: She gave the director, Alek Keshishian, a stripling of 26 at the time of its release, final cut.

Keshishian said in an interview last year. She brought yoga to the masses. Listen, did yoga really exist before Madonna? I know, I know.

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But if you were paying close attention, absolutely no one O. Some attribute this to the internet, which helped spread new ideas. Or more open-mindedness to alternative healing.

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Those people are wrong. Right there. For no great reason, in the middle of the movie. In a long, slow scene — I can remember watching, totally aghast — she moves through a series of poses. It was so singular an activity, so internal and quiet and complex and individual. It was like Madonna herself. Forget Bikram. Forget B. It was Madonna who gave us yoga.

It was also part of why Madonna was written off as a flash in the pan. But Madonna never abandoned her devotion to the dance floor and her roots in disco.

She made us look at nudity from another perspective. There she stood, in a pose worthy of the most flagrant John Waters character — with cigarette dangling from a sneering mouth, as she stuck out a finger to hitchhike on an open highway. Every possible danger sign was invoked and inverted, staring down all forces that could contain her freedom.

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Yet both those images suggested degrees of innocence. Her pose turned inside out the way sex is commonly used in pop culture nudes, expressing not a sexual lure but the power of personal confidence.

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She reclaimed crotch-grabbing for women. Madonna, in a double-breasted suit, is dancing on a platform at the top of a staircase. She reflected on, and interrogated, her influences and work in a landmark interview. Madonna gave a gigantic interview, in , still at the apex of her creative genius, to the critic Vince Aletti — not for Rolling Stone or The New Yorker, but Aperture — about her tastes in photography, painting, gender, sex and a bunch of other things.

Aletti respects her, which frees her brain to rove. Yes, I am attracted to a thug. I like that quality, but I like the other side of it, too. Because all guys who go around behaving in macho ways are really scared little girls. So you have to look beneath the surface. Believe me. Therein lies the rub. Nowadays, nobody talks about their work and influences — about themselves — as vastly as she does.

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There are 16 more just like it. As she rolled from one aesthetic to the next, switching up her hair, her choreography, her accent, it became shorthand to describe what was happening in one word: reinvention. For a while, Madonna rolled her eyes at the description.

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But after fans complained about the lack of hits performed on her Drowned World tour — Madonna does not like to revisit the past — she decided to pay tribute to her many artistic periods by calling its follow-up tour Re-Invention. She sparked major conversations about race — and cultural appropriation. The song initially had its premiere as part of a Pepsi TV ad, and Madonna released the full music video the next day. The video ignited protests over its religious imagery, especially her stigmata scene, the statue of a black saint and the burning crosses.

Madonna was applauded by some for breaking racial and religious taboos, but the video also initiated a critique that not only haunts much of her later work and life , but also heralded public debates about the abuse and misuse of African-American cultural identities by white artists. She tangled with the sharpest man in late-night TV. In , when she was recovering from serious injuries from being thrown from a horse, Mr. She dared to be a sexual woman … who still continued to grow older. Which is almost comical, since Madonna also manages to defy physical signs of aging.

But perhaps that, too, is part of the calculation: the ability to conform, just enough, to what the industry demands while simultaneously crusading to end the ageist — and sexist — structures that require it. Reprising her role as the ultimate cultural conduit, Madonna sifted the best from the e-world, put it into a more melodic context and so, brought the sound to a whole new audience. She never stopped flexing.

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Of course Madonna took heat for being too muscular. Her fitness, flexibility and strength have always been tied to the kind of cultural power she wields: She defined a standard for how strong a pop star could look, and few have risen to the challenge.

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Yes, we know she does yoga and Pilates. She is also a partner in a chain of health clubs called Hard Candy Fitness and could probably crush your head in one of her chiseled biceps. She was one of the first major pop stars to leave a traditional record deal behind. Madonna released her first album in under a division of Warner Bros. Records and maintained a year career there, selling over million albums worldwide.

But in , at 49, she did something bold and new: She left the label and signed with a concert promoter. It was a sign of how musicians would move forward in a digital age when albums were becoming more and more difficult to sell. She was early to dabble in lesbian chic. Wired: Madonna and Ingrid Casares!!! She poked fun at herself in a New Yawk accent.

Inside joke: Her character, Liz Rosenberg, shared a name with her loyal, longtime publicist. Each year since, everyone performing there has strained to make that starry a splash. She did more than pay lip service to vulnerable children in Africa. Celebrities donate money at benefits and serve as the face of charities. She adopted David Banda from an orphanage there after meeting him in , returned in for Mercy James, and again in for the twins Estere and Stella.

And for her 60th birthday, she asked fans to do one thing : support a Raising Malawi fund-raiser. She tried to make Broadway — yes, Broadway — cool. Bless her, who has ever pushed harder and spent more hard-won cachet trying to make musical theater cool? She took the singing lessons. Then she returned to pop, and there she stayed. She made gap teeth — yes, gap teeth — cool. That smile. Maybe I speak as one who took a lax approach to the stern recommendations of Big Orthodontics, but who worked a slight space between the teeth better than Madonna? She wickedly played with the idea of another pop star plagiarizing her song.

She made innerwear outerwear.