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Today's advice "You may not be able to do a certain thing in the habitual way. It may take some extra time, but the new method you adopt works well for you! Today's advice "You can't simply do what you want today without having others involve themselves, even if only indirectly. Opportunities abound.

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Today's advice "Take care that you are not overheard today -- or, if you are, it's only by those whom you trust with the information you have to impart. Today's advice "You must come to terms with how your words affect the behavior of those around you. You are neither isolated nor ineffectual, certainly. Today's advice "You'll be exposed to something new, and your thinking about something very familiar is likely to change as a result.

Gemini: your daily horoscope on the 11th of October 12222

Today's advice "Stick to your schedule, but don't be inflexible if someone comes to you with something that you hadn't expected. Be maneuverable. Star Ranking.

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